Kerne Pavillonen

Kerne Pavillonen

Space with a view

There is something rather mesmerizing about just sitting down and looking at the water. Looking at how the sun’s refleksion in the waves competes with the green colour from the reflecting trees and hearing the sound from the small waves meeting the lakeshore.
Right in the core of Copenhagen at Planetarium, we invite you to the capital’s most beautiful vue over Saint Jørgen’s Lake.

Our chefs are offering both breakfast, open faced sandwiches and confectionary cakes.

We host conferences, families and the celebrations – and of course we host a proper good Danish lunch with open faces sandwiches on rye bread. Truly an original experience of Danish food Culture.

At Kerne Pavillonen we greet people with a smile – and you will be wearing a smile just like that, when you leave us.

Opening hours

Monday: 11.30 am – 7.00 pm
Tuesday: 11.30 am – 7.00 pm
Wednesday: 11.30 am – 7.00 pm
Thursday: 11.30 am – 8.00 pm
Friday: 11.30 am – 8.00 pm
Saturday: 11.30 am – 5.00 pm
Sunday: 11.30 am – 5.00 pm

Contact information

Phone: +45 28 87 74 33
From 10.00 am to 2.30 pm

Book online up to 25 people.


Gl. Kongevej 10

1610 København V

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An English Description is on its way


An English Description is on its way


An English Description is on its way

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