Danish organic and biodynamic food at Spisehuset

Spisehuset is first and foremost a playground, where we allow the produce to dictate the menu.

All greens are biodynamic or organic and from Danish argiculture producers as BirkemosegaardSøtofte Jordbrug and  Kragebjerg Gård.

The fish are fresh and the meat, if there is any, is game meat.

Since we trade directly with our producers on a weekly basis our produce are always of the best quality, we just don’t know, if they are there next week…

Therefore the menu is constantly changing, some dishes are on the menu for three weeks, others for three days.

The wine we serve is as natural as the food.

You can always keep up with what we are doing, both in the restaurant and at the argiculture farms we are working with, by following us at our instagram.


We look forward to seeing you.

Niclas and the rest of Spisehuset



Tuesday to Wednesday: 18.00-22.00 (kitchen is open until 21.00)
Thursday til Saturday: 18.00-24.00 (kitchen is open until 22.30)


+45 27 82 44 56 (Niclas)




Slagtehusgade 5c
1715 København V

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All produce are biodynamic or organic and from Danish argiculture producers

Only exceptions are lemons (IT), sardines (ES) and olive oil (GR)



Rillette with salads and pickled mustard grains, 75,-
Canned sardines with parsley, burned lemon and black garlic (suitable for two), 85,-
Hodde Kristian cheese from Naturmælk, 75,-



Small burned carrots with ricotta on biodynamic farm milk, pea shoots and holstein cox apples
Fried Danish octopus with turnip pureé, pickled potatoes and roasted parsley butter
Wild duck breast with pumpkin baked in coffee grounds from Prolog, juicy leaf celery and fondsauce
Sour malt ice cream with Dog-rose rose hip and walnut honeycomb

4 dishes, 350,-
+4 glasses of wine, 625,-


The Short Version

A main dish and salad, mostly served with meat, fish or vegetarian



For information about allergenic ingredients in our dishes please contact the restaurant by phone or mail


We always open bottles of different wines, which we serve on glass


Crémant de Jura, Elégance, Jérôme Arnoux , 360,-

Blanc de Blancs, Claude Gerrard, Champagne, 590,-

Il Brut and the Beast, Valli Unite, Piedmont, 340,-


Anjou Cuvée d’Œuf 2017, Ch Passavent, Loire, 300,-

Riesling Glintzberg 2017, Roland Schmitt, Alsace, 350,-

Roditis Natur 2017, Thetramythos, Peloponnes, 350,-

Kleftes 2017, Markou, Attika, 330,-

Les Fleurs de Cailloux 2017, Padie, Roussillon, 380,-

Manzoni Bianco 2017, Foradori, Trentino, 450,-

Saint-Véran 2015, Saumaize Michelin, Bourgogne, 450,-

Les Quarterons 2015, Sébastien Riffault, Sancerre, 460,-

Cortez 2015, Testalonga, Swartland, 510,-

Ceppa Bianco 2017, Piccolo Podere d. Ceppaiolo, Umbrien, 380,-

Pinot Gris Grand Cru Hengst 2010, Josmeyer, Alsace, 680,-

Les Graviers 2015, Tissot, Arbois, 610,-


Savagnin 2011, Jéme Arnoux, Arbois, 490,-

Vin Jaune 2009, Claude Buchot, Jura (62cl), 690,-


Grauburgunder 2014, Carl Koch, Rheinhessen, 350,-

Roditis Nature Orange 2016, Thetramythos, Peloponnes, 410,-

VdF Blanc 2015, Leon Barral, Faugères, 550,-


Rosa dei Venti 2017, Podere Cipolla, Lambrusco, 380,-


Le Nez du Muse 2017, Les Faverelles, Bourgogne, 380,-

Saumur Bagatelle 2017, Manoir de la Tête Rouge, Loire, 300,-

L’échappée Belle 2017, Le Bout du Monde, Languedoc, 330,-

En Grégoire, Emmanuel Giboulot, Hautes-Côtes de Nuits, 570,-

Bourgogne Rouge 2016, Alain Hasard, Côte Chalonnaise, 410,-

Xinomavro Nature 2016, Thymiopoulos, Naoussa, 460,-

Marcillac Lo Sang del Païs 2014, Dne du Cros, Sud-Ouest, 300,-

Shavkapito 2016, Pheasant’s Tears, Georgien, 390,-

La Mariole 2016, Domaine Ledogar, Languedoc, 340,-

Rosso Madonnia 2015, Vini della Staffa, Umbrien, 390,-

Campi Magri 2015, Corte Sant’Alda, Veneto, 530,-

Barolo Castellero 2012, Brezza, Piedmonte, 680,-

Côte-Rôtie 2015, Domaine Gallet, Rhône, 590,-


Le 3 Decembre 2015, Pierre Frick, Alsace, 440,-

Riesling Spätlese*** 2015, Martin Müllen, Mosel, 410,-


Gin & Tonic, 75,-

Øl  from Sorteper 33cl, 35,-

Demeter beer from kølster 75cl, 175,-

Ginger Ale, 35,-

Lemon, 35,-

Æblemost, 35,-

Sparkeling, 25,-


Kaffe, 30,-

Tea, 30,-

Liquor from, 60,-



Since Spisehuset is neigbour to the assembly house 5e, we have alot of experience with catering all kinds of events

You can also book the entire Spisehuset for your event. Both based on our standard 4 course menu or with a more customized event.
Spisehuset holds 44 guests.

Contact us and we’ll find the perfect solution for you.


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