The Fat Pike

The Fat Pike

Seafood and steak at Islands Brygge

The Fat Pike provides you with seafood and steak in abundant quantities in a loose and casual setting.

Our chefs are passionate about the informal kitchen without any fear of frying and grilling.
We have huge respect for our produce, which are often served best with a minimum of cooking.

We think it’s weird that seafood is so expensive, it should be within economic reach – even though it’s “only “Thursday.

Value for money is not about dumping the prices but having a great experience with a small tap.

Our restaurant lies on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen’s old harbor area, and like an oyster bar in Boston or any other modern harbor tavern, we are straight forward regarding our way of cooking and our interior, which is raw, unpolished and urban.
In the restaurant you’ll find the original floor, concrete columns that shows  you the warehouses’ story. We only use simple materials and without changing them much.

The Fat Pike is driven by Humanic, which, among others, has Torben Klitbo, the founder of Cofoco, as one of the owerns.

Opening hours

Monday: 17.30 – 23.00
Tuesday: 17.30 – 23.00
Wednesday: 17.30 – 23.00
Thursday: 17.30 – 23.00
Friday: 17.30 – 23.00
Saturday: 17.30 – 23.00
Sunday: Closed
*The Happy Pike

Wednesday to friday: 16:30-17:30

Contact information

Tlf: 70707584
Fra 13.00 til 21.00

Book online up to 25 pers.


Njalsgade 19D
2300 København S

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The Fat Seafood Menu takes you on a “fatastic” guided tour trough our menu.

Fine de Claire oysters
light and delicate oysters with vinaigrette and lemon, 2 pcs.

Tuna tatar
with guacamole, lime and crispy tortillas

Popcorn shrimps
with green mayo and roasted lemon

Grillet ribeye
with Bourbon glazed shiitake-mushrooms, spring onions and The Fat Pike fries

The big fat ice cream sundae
with fruit, crumble and sauce

345,- per person (min. 2 pers.)

Halibut instead of Grilled ribeye + 30 per person



Xarel-lo, El Xitxarel-lo, Caves Martí Serdà, Spain

Merlot, The Velvet Devil, Charles Smith, USA

Gros Manseng, La Gascogne d’Alain Brumont, France

215,- per person (per pers.)



Fine de Claire oysters —> 75,-
3 pcs. light and elegant oysters, served with vinaigrette and lemon

Perle Blanche-oysters —> 95,-
3 stk. meaty luxury oysters, served with vinaigrette and lemon

½ dozen oysters —> 150,-
3 pcs. fine de Claire and 3 pcs. Gillardeau served with vinaigrette and lemon

Tuna tatar —> 125,-
with DIY-guacamole and crispy tortillas

Popcorn shrimp —> 95,-
with grilled clementine mayo

Potato ceviche —> 85,-
with coconut, lime, coriander shoots and crispy tortillas

Chicken nuggets —> 95,-
with Karl Johan-breading and miso-juzu-creme (+ caviar – 50,-)



Halibut —-> 275,-
with crab, grilled leeks, potato creme and clam-vinaigrette + 30 kr. per person

Ribeye —> 275,-
250 g steak Bourbon glazed shiitake mushrooms, spring onions and The Fat Pike fries

Beer steamed mussels —> 175,-
with apples, cauliflower i curry creme and The Fat Pike fries



Chocolate cheesecake —> 50,-
with cocao crumb, redwine and pear

The big fat ice cream Sundae —> 50,-
with fruit, crumble and sauce


—–   —–   —–   —–   —–

Parties from 8 to 25 people are offered the fat seafood menu which gives a good variation of items from our menu and also ensures a quicker and more pleasant experience.

—–   —–   —–   —–   —–

For information about allergens in our dishes we recommend contacting the restaurant by telephone or email.



All craft beers are served in 30 cl-glasses

Organic pilsner —> 40,-
Royal Beer, organic barley malt & hops, 4,8%

Organic classic —> 40,-
Royal Beer, organic caramel malt & dark roasted malt, 4,8%

Mosaic IPA —> 45,-
Albani, IPA with Mosaic-malt, 5,7%

Motueka Anarkist Lager  —> 55,-
Theodor Schiøtz/Albani, pilsner with Motueka-hops, 5,5%

Young Lust —> 55,-
Kissmeyer, Belgian Blond style, 6,0%

Eagle Kiss —> 55,-
Kissmeyer, Session IPA style, 4,2%

New Castle Brown Ale —> 45,-
New Castle, barley malt, & roasted wheat, 4,7 %

Edelweiss Hefetrüb —> 45,-
Weissbier, 5,5 %



Bloody Mary with an Oyster —> 110
Ketle One Vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, Worcester sauce, salt & pepper

Northwestern Storm Cooler —> 90,-
Pampero, lime, bitters, ginger beer & Creme de Mure

Kentucky Devil —> 95,-
Bulleit Bourbon, lime, ginger beer

G & T —> 75,-
Tanqueray gin, tonic og lime

The Fat Tiki —> 90,-
Pampero, lime, passion sirup & juice

Espresso Martini —> 85,-
Custom Coffee espresso, Ketel One Vodka og Kahlúa


Sodas —> 30,-
Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Faxe Kondi

Water ad libitum —> 25,- (per person)
still or sparkling


Coffee —> 35,-
Americano, espresso, cortado, latte

Coffee with a kick —> 70,-
Optional coffee,
with Diplomático reserva exclusiva rum




Pinot Noir/Chardonnay, Segura Viudas, Cava Brut Reserva, Spain —> 295,-/ 70,-

Pinot Noir/Chardonnay, Rutini Wines, San Felipe, Brut Nature, Argentina —> 325,-

Trepat, Casa Rojo, Moltó Negre Cava, Spain —> 425,- / 90,-

Pinot Noir, Duval Leroy, Champagne Brut Réserve, France —> 625,-



The Stump Jump Cardonnay 2016, Australia —> 295,-

Xarel-lo, El Xitxarel-lo, Caves Martí Serdà, Spain —> 325,- / 75,-

Verdejo Rueda, Sapientía, Spain —>  335,-

Chardonnay, Bliss Family Vineyards, USA —> 350,- / 80,-

Riesling, Charles Smith, Kung Fu Girl, USA —> 385,- / 95,-

Chardonnay, Charles Smith, Eve, USA —> 395,-

Pinot Grigio, Charles Smith, Vino Pinot Grigio, USA —> 415,-

Albariño, Marimorena, Spain —> 425,-

Pinot Gris, Henry Fuchs, France —> 495,-



Cabernet Sauvignon, Los Vascos, Chile —> 275,- / 65,-

Cinsault/Cabernet/Grenache, Bélouvé, Domaines Bunan, France —> 310,- / 70,-



Cabernet Sauvignon, Single Vineyard Perez Cruz, Chile —> 295,-

Merlot, The Velvet Devil, Charles Smith, USA —> 315,- / 75,-

Beaujolais Villages, Dominique Piron, France —> 315,-

Malbec, Tomero Clásico, Bodega Vistalba, Argentina —> 325,- / 80,-

Zinfandel, Bliss Family Vineyards, USA —> 325,-

Syrah, Boom Boom,Charles Smith, USA —> 460,-

Cabernet Sauvignon, Charles Smith, USA —> 545,- / 115,-

Pinot Noir, Rio Vista Vineyards, Hitching Post —> USA, 550,-

Syrah/Grenache/Cunoise, Fossils & Framework, USA —> 650,-



Gros Manseng, La Gascogne d’Alain Brumont, France —> 350,- / 65,-

Touriga/Tinta, Wiese & Krohn, 10 years Tawny Port, Portugal —> 650,- / 80,-

Muscat, Viña Tabali, Late Harvest Reserve Muscat —> Chile (37,5 cl), 175,-


The Fat Pike has room for a variety of social gatherings and parties, we have room for up to 70 people in the restaurant and 150 people in our venue Pakhus Bryggen, a few meters away.

Menu for parties

Parties from 8 to 25 people are only offered  “The Fat Five” which gives you a tour around our menu, while making sure that everyone at the party eats at the same time. See what the “The Fat Five Menu” contains, here

If you need information about allegens or changes that concerns allegens og diets, please contacts us per email.


Parties from 8-25 personer can be bookes online her and be served the “The Fat Fat”.

Parties over 25 people, please contact us at



The Fat Pike

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